Mental Health Club

BAFSD Mental Health & Well-being Club BAFSD Mental Health & Well-being Club is a student run club where our aim is to reduce the stigma towards mental health service and through rising awareness. The club encompasses its activities both in school and college. As we all know in this high -paced time, balancing mental health condition has become challenges for many. We as a club will focus on holistic approach where self-management will be emphasized.


  • rising awareness towards mental health issues
  • reduce stigma towards mental health services
  • referring the process where the counselor couldn't reach
  • arranging seminar, workshops, outreach events and weekly or quarterly class based activities.
  • run intra-club for specific mental health issues
  • publishing magazines and artwork 


                                                                            Club Logo                               Moderator: Mahjareen Gaffarn

                                                                                                                            Email: [email protected]